So, you know how sometimes when you're really feeling a song, you can't help but start air-guitaring along? Well, one day, I took that to a whole new level of weird and awesome.
I was jamming out to my favorite tune, getting into the groove, when suddenly it hit me – what if I could play my ribs like they were a bass guitar? Sounds kinda crazy, right? But man, the idea stuck with me.
So, I started messing around, trying to strum my ribcage like it was frets on a bass. And you know what? It kinda worked! I mean, sure, it probably looked totally ridiculous, but it felt so cool.
Now, I've got this whole character in my head – someone who's just as crazy about music as I am, but they take it to a whole new level by playing their ribs like a bass guitar. It's like the ultimate party trick, and I can't help but imagine the looks on people's faces when they bust it out.
Who knows, maybe one day I'll find someone out there who's just as bonkers about music as I am and we can start a rib-playing band or something. Until then, I'll just keep jamming out and enjoying the weirdness of it all.
Some Concepts to test the Character Silhouette.
Rig I built to make this animation possible.

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