Picture this: I was like, "I want to grab that moment when you're rudely jolted awake, and you're in this weird limbo between the real world and dreamland." You know that feeling when you're all, "Am I even in this dimension right now, or did I just stumble into another cosmic realm?" It's like trying to lift your head off the pillow, and it's as heavy as a giant marshmallow, and you're like, "Is it Sunday? Is it Monday? Is this even real life?"
So, to make this whole trippy concept come to life, I busted out some crazy artistic tricks. I used what's called "forced perspective" and some funky angles to make the room look all familiar, but totally off-kilter. It's like when you walk into your bedroom, and it's like, "I know this place, but something's definitely not right." It's kind of like a mind-bending puzzle, and I hope you all dig it as much as I do! 🎨🪄✨
Oh, let me break it down for you, step by step, with all the artistic chill vibes! So, check it out: when I'm in my creative zone, I like to play around with the whole perspective game. First, I'm like, "Hey, I've got this cool angle in mind." That's my starting point, right? And then, it's like I'm in a playdough world for grown-ups. I start shaping and molding things, throwing in some wild distortions, and maybe even sneaking in a few unexpected elements, just to jazz up the scene as I frame it all up. It's like I'm cooking up a masterpiece with a pinch of this and a dash of that until it feels just 
I simulated the cloth separeted then added back into the forced perspective proxy.
Here some viewport madness.

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