Hi, my name is Lucas Camargo. As the artist behind "Untitled Army," I desire to capture my experiences and observations. 
 Born in Brazil and based in Brooklyn since 2010, I draw obsessively from the stream of life and whatever else comes to mind, seeking to document and understand the world around me. With a background in advertising as a creative director and designer, I graduated in Visual Design in Brazil. I started my career working in advertising until 2017 when I transitioned to working as a 3D Artist/Director at Roof Studio. I now find myself a puppet in a larger art master plan that helps me navigate life.
I was a speaker at the Pictoplasma International Conference twice and participated in the NFT bubble as one of the top-selling artists. Since 2017, I have created thousands of sketches and characters, developing a unique and recognizable style where I blend many disciplines I have learned. My experiments in painting and drawing, my journey of learning a second language, and my passion for surrealism all combine unexpectedly, bringing unique characters, ideas, animations, and art to life.
I have won major awards such as Cannes, Clio, ADC, D&AD, among others, both in advertising and as a 3D artist. My art has gained recognition on the international stage, and through it, I aim to share the complexities and nuances of the human experience. My art is a reflection of my journey, and I hope it resonates with audiences around the world.
I am currently focusing on consolidating my work under the style I have created and looking to expand my ideas into fine art, animation, books, and any other medium where I can apply my vision.