Created by Roof Studio
I worked as Creative Director and Lead Character Designer on this project.
“Rosemarie’s Life” is a touching 3D-animated short about an elderly WWII survivor. From the pain of being separated from her family as a little girl to her joyful reunion years later, Rosemarie’s profound experiences become a source of inspiration for her caretaker — and a reminder that a career in long-term health care is an opportunity to help others and become part of their story.
I had the opportunity and challenge to design all the characters in this film. We needed to cover the lifetime of Rosemary, a WWII survivor, spanning 90 years. I conducted intense research on different eras and the types of outfits she would wear. I first mapped her from baby to elder, and she set the tone for the other characters. I wanted to create something that felt timeless, charming, and unique, influenced by stop-motion aesthetics and limitations. The challenge was to translate that into 3D. The clothes, the animation, and everything around the characters were planned to achieve something new with all those influences in mind. The time we had for production was short, so the planning of every character and how to manage production was key to achieving this beautiful set of compelling figures.

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